Func7ion Apparel, the popular automotive lifestyle brand, recently had a stunning photoshoot in Manila, Philippines with Playboy Playmate Barbie Takei in December 2022. The photoshoot was a resounding success, with both the brand and the model showcasing their best.

The shoot took place in a studio in Manila, the photoshoot aimed to showcase Func7ion Apparel’s latest collection, which focuses on providing style and functionality to automotive enthusiasts.

Barbie Takei, the renowned Playboy Playmate, was the perfect choice for the photoshoot. Her stunning looks and toned physique perfectly embodied the essence of Func7ion Apparel, which is all about inspiring people to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

In the photoshoot, Barbie Takei was seen sporting various pieces from Func7ion Apparel’s latest collection. The t-shirts was designed with comfort and functionality in mind. 

The photoshoot was expertly captured by renowned photographer, Norman Roxas. His keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of the shoot made the photos come alive. The final product was a stunning collection of images that showcased both the beauty of the model and the functionality of Func7ion Apparel’s latest collection.

The success of the photoshoot was evident in the reception it received from the public. Social media was abuzz with praises for the brand and the model, with many automotive enthusiasts expressing their desire to get their hands on the latest collection. It was clear that Func7ion Apparel had once again proven why it is one of  popular automotive lifestyle brands in the market today.

In conclusion, the Func7ion Apparel photoshoot with Playboy Playmate Barbie Takei in Manila was a resounding success. It showcased the brand’s latest collection in the best possible light and provided a great inspiration for car enthusiasts everywhere. With such a successful photoshoot, it’s safe to say that Func7ion Apparel will continue to be at the forefront of the automotive fashion industry.